Caring for Older Cats

Sadly kittens do not stay young forever. Read below and learn how to take care of your older feline friend. With proper care and stimulation you can make a difference in your cat's quality of life.

Older Cat Losing Weight

Dear Simba,
Cheech is our male 15-year-old cat that is a loving member of our family. We are very concerned. He eats very well, but at the same time over the last few months has lost a lot of weight and we are afraid he is dying. The other night he had this thick grayish gook in his eyes but it was gone in the morning. My wife and I do not have $300 to have him checked out at the vet and thought your thoughts and insight might help us. Is he dying? James. Dear James,
At 15 years of age, Cheech is a senior citizen kitty (see Aging Table) for a cat to human age conversion table). Amongst the most important signs of health is weight. Because of that, Cheech's weight loss of weight is a sign of concern.

The one thing to remember is that all animals die sometime. It is not fair and it hurts, but it is the natural cycle. Make your time with Cheech the most meaningful you can, appreciate him and love him as you are doing so. Simba

Cat Life Span

Hi Simba,
What is the life span for cats? I have two that are brother and sister and they are going on 12 years our age. I do not know what that is in Cat years. Floie

Dear Floie,
The average life span of an indoor cat ranges from 14-20 human years. Using a cat Aging Table, your cats are the equivalent of 64 human years. Simba

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